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Special Interest Group for Affordable Agriculture (SIG AA) formed under IEEE Pune Section. It aligns well with IEEE’s mission of “Advancing Technology for Humanity”.
  1. The government program for doubling the farmer’s income
  2. Guidance from Mr F C Kohli on bringing tech innovation to farming
  3. The linkage between agriculture, food, health and overall quality of life
  4. Need for local customization of technology in Agriculture
  5. Improve the quality of life of farmers & make them prosperous


SIG will work towards encouraging engineering students to take up Agritech projects. It will support them to empathetically understand farmer’s requirements and address them using innovative, frugal & interdisciplinary solutions. SIG will work towards enabling farmers and encouraging high performing youth to pursue careers in Agriculture and
Agro Services.


Create an inclusive, sustainable and scalable ecosystem to nurture innovation for the benefit of the farming community

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